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How I Became An Expert At Online Poker

How would you describe yourself? How old are you? What’s your job? In short, who are you? If
someone asked me these questions, my answer would probably sound something like this:
professional poker player, 28, entrepreneur. That’s not too far from the truth. For over seven years
now, I've followed every single World Series event since they started back in 2004. As soon as WSOP
was announced, I signed up for the main site and took part in their daily live games on Facebook. I
was hooked instantly. Eventually, I decided to take things further by joining other poker rooms
before eventually moving onto offshore sites.

It's Not All on Paper
Being successful isn’t always about having the perfect plan or being able to follow every rule.
Sometimes you create success through simple decisions that often go unnoticed. It took a lot of
effort and sacrifice before I finally started to win some games. In fact, I spent much time studying
poker theory and watching other pros play live tournaments before playing my first game of real
cash. The rest is history!
My Personal Journey To Success
I started playing online poker with $200 in my pocket. I quickly amassed a small fortune which made
it possible for me to start investing and taking risks. My first big break came when I won $10k playing
Texas Hold'em in 2010. Ever since then, I've been making consistent profits. Nowadays, I'm one of
the most active players in my country and have a bankroll worth more than half million dollars
($500K). I also own a business – an online poker training website where people can learn how to
become better poker players. This has allowed me to travel all around the world while doing what I
love best – playing cards.
Getting Better Each Day
When I first started playing online poker, I didn't know any tricks. However, I learned a lot during the
last few years. I tried different strategies, played thousands of hands, read tons of articles and
watched hours of tutorials. Today, I still use many of them but there is always room for
improvement. Since I've reached the level that I am today. Here are 6 steps I followed to become a
better player.
1) Commitment
I knew that it would be tough to get good at poker. So I studied hours each day and practiced for
long periods of time. That commitment has paid off over the years. You should make sure that you
put in enough work to reach the top levels. Even if it means staying up until 2am and waking up at
8am. Remember, hard work pays off eventually. There are no shortcuts.
2) Decide why you want to improve
Before jumping into the action, it helps to know why you're playing poker. Is it just because you
enjoy it or do you truly believe that you'll win? Once you understand why you play, it will make
reaching higher levels easier.
3) Identify your strengths & weaknesses

What are your skills and what are your shortcomings? Are you good at reading opponents yet
struggle when you need to bluff? Knowing your strengths and weakness will help you decide
whether you should spend your money on improving your weaker hand combinations rather than
going all-in when you hold the nuts.
4) Learn new techniques
There is no point learning strategy if you don't practice. Poker is a mental sport so it helps to master
new technique along the way. When you feel comfortable using those tips and tricks, you’ll see
results quicker. All in all, try to expand your knowledge as much as possible.
5) Play live tournaments regularly
After seeing countless videos of amazing plays and reading endless blogs, I couldn't wait to actually
experience live tournament action. The feeling of getting lucky and winning pots right after you hit
the button is mind blowing.
6) Have fun
Poker is definitely one of the hardest games out there. But once you succeed and reach higher
levels, it becomes much more enjoyable. It's important to take breaks from the game every now and
again so don't forget to have some fun!

Running It All Down
With more than 10 years of experience, I'd say I'm quite confident when it comes to online poker.
I've managed to create a successful career out of this hobby and I want to give back by helping
others find success too. I created the page as a place to share my knowledge and experiences about
online gambling, poker, affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship. Don't hesitate to check out the
site if you want to learn more about these topics. You may even discover some cool resources or
ideas that will help you move forward with your own business endeavors!