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Double Up on Free Chips When You Bet Online

Double Up on Free Chips When You
Bet Online
You've got your bets down pat now. How much would it cost you to win big at blackjack? There are
ways you can double up your free chips when you bet online. Most casinos offer free chips when you
play their games. These freebies come from the house and are typically offered through promotional
campaigns or special events. The problem is, these promotions often don't last long and many
gamblers miss out on them. That's why some casinos offer free chips through reload bonuses.

Casino Giveaways
Casinos normally give away reload bonuses when players sign up for new accounts at the casino.
This means they get rewarded for signing up new customers, rather than existing ones. Reload
bonuses usually consist of cash deals, points offers or other incentives. They're great because they
provide players with extra chances to win real money, without having to spend anything upfront.
Players simply need to deposit funds into their account before they receive the bonus. Typically, the
amount will be a percentage of the deposited funds. It could range anywhere between 20% to 100%.
While this may seem like a lot, most people tend not to use all of their bonus in one go, so over time,
they'll earn back what they paid.
What Are They
A good way to think about bonus rewards is that they're more like comps than actual gambling. In
fact, if you gamble enough, you might even start to dislike the feeling of losing! If you enjoy playing
slot machines, then try out an online gaming site that has free spins as part of its welcome package.
As well as giving you more chances to win, free spin offers also allow you to do things like win prizes
while playing slots. Many sites have exclusive spin-off games where you can win special prizes after
every single spin.
How Do I Get Them?
Most casinos offer different types of reload bonuses, which include:
Cash Rebates
These reload bonuses require no deposit. Instead of giving you a certain number of free chips, the
casino will pay you in cash instead. They can be in the form of cashback, cash rebates, coupons or
vouchers. Cashback refers to any kind of rebate that the casino pays you. For example, if you buy a
scratch card, the casino will return half of the value of the scratch card to you. Coupons are similar
to cashbacks, except there's no obligation to purchase anything.
Points Rewards
Some casinos reward their players by offering points for each wager made. Points are used to
redeem prizes such as tickets to shows or merchandise.
Free Play Bets
Sometimes, casinos will offer extra chances to win free play. For example, you might be given a
certain number of free play opportunities during a game. Once you've used those free plays, you can
then choose to make wagers to win real prize money.
Free Chip Bounties

One of the best ways to get free chips is by taking advantage of rebates. A rebate is basically an
incentive program that gives loyal customers extra benefits, whether it's free chips or cash back.
Casino websites regularly run promotions where they give away free chips and/or rebates.
The value of bonuses varies across different casinos. However, most will generally offer around 10%
or more. Remember, though, that you need to take advantage of any bonuses you qualify for.
Otherwise, there's nothing to show for it.

Getting More WIns
With poker chips doubled and stacked,you caneasily secure more wins over time by stacking your
bets. The more you bet, the more you can win. Stacking your bets increases your odds of winning
big. You can stack up on poker chips by increasing your bet size from 1 chip per hand to 2, 3 or 4.
Keep stacking until you reach your maximum bet size. This is how many times you want to increase
your betting limit. To help you remember how much you can bet with your current maximum
betting limits, you can memorize this formula:
Maximum Bet Size x Maximum Bet Limit Maximum Number Of Chips Per Hand
For instance, if you have $100 in your bankroll and you want to double down, multiply your bankroll
by two (i.e., the maximum bet is now $200). Then, divide the result by two (i. e. $50) to see how
many hands each dollar goes to. So, $100 would yield 50 hands. If you wanted to quadruple your
wagers, multiply your bankroll ($100) by four (the maximum bet), divided by the same factor (i.e.,
$25). Thus, 40 rounds of hands would equal a single dollar.

In Conclusion – Online Gambling Help Guides
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help pages can answer many of your questions. For instance, we cover everything from the basics to
bonuses and how to claim them. We also look at the pros and cons of different bonus programs,
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